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Dog & handler doing agilityMan's Best Friend
The right dog can be your Best Friend and so much more.

Your Dogs Role
What role will your dog play in your life? Family pet? Jogging partner? Therapy dog? Dog sport participant in one of the many dog sports? Deciding your dog's role will help you determine the right breed and age of dog for you.


Size-will he be able to keep up with your activities (jogging, hiking), would his size present problems with your children or other pets, do you have the space needed to provide a healthy, active life? A Pekinese may not be the best hiking partner, or a Great Dane the best for cuddling in the lazyboy (with you).

Coat-long or short hair, shedder or not. Consider the amount of time for grooming. Will you do the grooming or will you pay a groomer to do it? Is there a person in the home that has allergies. Some coats have less of a problem with dandruff. Ask yourself what kind of hair you want on your rugs, couch or bed.

Energy Level-do you have a fenced yard to exercise an energetic dog or do you live in an apartment? With an active dog it is more likely that he will get the exercise he needs if you can put him out in the yard rather than having to take him somewhere just to exercise him everyday. An energetic dog is more likely to do damage to your house if he is not getting enough exercise.

Training your dog or puppy will help to develop the bond between you.Pup or Older Dog-from a Rescue organization or a breeder of purebred dogs. Both may have puppies or older housebroken dogs. Are you ready to devote the time to housebreaking vs. possibly needing to break bad habits. Both ages of dogs will most likely need training. Training your new dog or puppy will help to develop the bond between you.

What do you want your dog to be when he grows up.......
jogger| hiker | cuddler | tracker | agility | competitor | flyball
competitor | hunter | weight puller | therapy dog | kids dog | herder
| conformation champion | 4-H | obedience competitor

We hope these tips help you choose a dog that will last you his lifetime.

Looking for potty training tips or help choosing an obedience trainer and class?

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