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About Happy Tails Resort & Spa


Help Every Dog Swim to the Best of Their Ability

Happy Tails Resort & Spa was created to provide a fun and healthy swimming experience. A loving and supportive environment where dogs can swim to the best of their ability, whether they are learning to swim, swimming for fun or fitness, geriatric, tripod, or rehabbing/post-surgical.


Since 1983, people have asked Beth Meyer to provide services for their dogs. The naturally healthy and fun environment at Happy Tails Resort & Spa in Auburn, Washington, ensures your dog will enjoy his visit and you will feel good putting your dog in our care.

Beth Guiding Dog in Pool

Happy Tails Resort & Spa grew by popular request. It started when Beth Meyer, our founder, took Zollie, her Great Dane puppy, to a puppy class. One fun class led to another, then came requests to teach classes, then requests for Beth to train dogs at her home. Training and interaction based on positive motivation, respect, and fairness were welcomed and effective. Dogs and their owners  have lovely things to say about Happy Tails Resort & Spa in Auburn, Washington – south of Seattle.

In December 2001, we added a large, warm water pool to our Happy Tails Resort & Spa facilities to cater to the many dogs with health concerns who needed special facilities to get or stay healthy. It’s also an excellent place for active dogs to train and for all dogs to play.

We are located just south of Seattle, Washington, next to Flaming Geyser State Park in Auburn.

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Beth Guiding Dog in Pool