Choosing a Dog Obedience Trainer

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Have Fun Training Your Dog

You can help make your dog training experience fun for everyone by choosing the right obedience class for you and your dog or puppy.

Ask For Referrals

  • Ask your vet for recommendations
  • Ask your friends for a recommendation
  • Search Google or Yelp for dog training schools and clubs
Dog Breeds: 10 Tips for Choosing Your New Dog

Watch a Dog Obedience Class or Two

When watching the class, there are a few key things to watch for:

  • Trainer’s personality and teaching technique – do you like it?
  • The instructions and demonstrations should be clear and easy to understand
  • If there are various breeds and sizes, does the instructor adapt the class curriculum to fit the dogs?
  • KEY – do the instructor and students (dogs and owners) look like they are enjoying themselves?
  • Does the class cover the behavior you are most concerned about?
  • Is it practical? Will you be able to apply the lessons to daily living?
  • KEY – Does the method taught leave the dog with his dignity?

Communication Basics

  • Come when called, even while distracted
  • Wait at the door
  • Controlled leash walking
  • Stay off (to stop the dog from jumping up on people)
Dog Breeds: 10 Tips for Choosing Your New Dog
Beth Leads Dog Around the Pool

Dog Training Is Enjoyable

Choosing a dog obedience instructor and class that you enjoy is key. You’re much more likely to continue classes and do the homework necessary to benefit fully from the classes.

A dog with manners is a true joy and best friend. Enjoy your training and your dog.

If you are looking for dog obedience training in the Seattle area we can recommend a couple of excellent trainers.

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Beth Leads Dog Around the Pool