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Dogs play together while boarding at Happy Tails Boarding.
Kali playing with a new friend
at Happy Tails Boarding.
Dogs love swimming and playing in the pool.

Kali enjoys swimming in the warm water pool.


"We just want to let you know how happy we've been with your pool and boarding facilities. It's the first and only place where our dog "Kali" has been so excited on returning. When we pick her up after her stay, she is happy and healthy. It's obvious she loves the attention she receives from Paul, Tina and Beth. She loves the swimming and she shows such excitement when we drive to Happy Tails. She can hardly contain her excitement as we drive down the driveway. She looks forward to seeing Paul, Tina and Beth and the other dogs she's made friends with. We've left her at other boarding places in and around Seattle, where she has always suffered anxiety. She has never been so happy as at Happy Tails. The one main regret we have in moving out of state is not having a place like Happy Tails to take Kali to. If anyone knows of a good doggy place in San Antonio, please let us know. It will be hard to find anything comparable to the family and personal care that she received at Happy Tails."

LeRoy & Sita Mills

Your dog's home away from home!"For the past ten years, Beth Meyer's Kennel has been our dogs home away from home. Both our yellow lab and springer have always been excited to visit Beth's place, which makes leaving them a lot easier. Beth was our instructor for dog training years ago, where we were first impressed with her love, concern, and understanding of dogs. We have referred many of our friends to Beth's, with both large and small dogs, and each of them has become a repeat customer. The dogs are always healthy and happy when we return to pick them up. You are doing what is best for your pet when you leave them with Beth."

Linda Thompson

Ellie Mae Still - five and a half months"I was 12 weeks old the first time I came to Beth's and that's when I met Spencer for the first time. We have been best friends ever since! I love to come to Beth's and my owners like to bring me because they know I am so happy here!"

Ellie (through owner: Esther Still)

"Beth Meyer is a professional. She has trained and boarded our German Shepherd for approximately ten years. She has an amazing way with dogs. There is a mutual respect and love between Beth and them.
Beth is trustworthy, friendly, kind, and I recommend her highly to train and care for your pet."

Betty Freeman

Max and Kelly"Dear Beth & Kay,

I want to thank you for taking such good care of my kids (Kelly and Max). I like to describe my dogs as "very good natured". Translated that means, they are not very well behaved but they know they are loved. And I know when I leave them with you they receive the same amount of attention and love that I give them. You make it possible for me to enjoy my time away because I know they are having as much fun, if not more, than I am.
Thanks again,"

Joan Marrs
(Kelly and Max's mom)

"To Whom it May Concern,

If you are the one that is concerned about your dog and his care while you go off and sit in the sun or whatever you will want to leave your dog with Beth Meyer.

Your dog's home away from home!We have been leaving our big boy, Motto, with her on various occasions for the past five years. He is a big handful. She manages his manners, curbs his barking, gives him gentle touches, makes sure he knows his place in the "Dog House"(this is important as he always has a place there of his own). She fusses with his food and makes sure it is done just like home. She visits with you while you are registering the dog and that's fun but actually she is asking special questions so she knows exactly how to fix his food, what behaviors need working on, dog's general health, where you are going and how to reach you or yours if she needs to.

Her skills handling dogs are very good. She has helped us in so many ways to train and keep our big guy in line at least a little bit. He came to us as a hyper big dog with few if not zero manners. Almost more then we could handle however through her guidance and work we now have a fun dog. She knows every dog on the place. She observes them carefully so she can mix them with each other for play and exercise. She expects them to mix with each other. Also very observant as to the dog's health. When you pick up your pet she will tell you about small observations she has made such as the dog has a slight limp right hind leg might want to watch it. Makes recommendations as to use of magnets, heat, special exercise for stiffness etc. Has a very good vet that she uses if necessary.

She gives them lots of exercise which is important to us as this is our dog's way on working off frustration. He is a big dog with long legs which could be prone to stiffness and arthritis thanks to her we have him sleeping on a magnet pad as a prevention.

We do not worry when we leave him there we know he is in great hands. Once you leave your dog there she is very loyal to you and will work with you to meet your needs in the future. She has even met us out at highway 18 topick our dog up as it had been snowing and she was worried about us driving the road to her place.

It should be pretty obvious we wouldn't leave our dog with anyone else.

Call or e-mail us if there are any questions.

Yours Truly"

Bob, Dyann and Motto Leyse

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