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Rocky swimming with his toy.
Rocky swimming with his toy.

Swimming for Your Dog's Good Health
The "ultimate dog pool" was designed to assist and medically help injured dogs as well as the athletic dog to develop and maintain peak performance.

Warm Water Dog Pool
Your dog can benefit from using this pool in several ways:

Maintain health year round with a consistent exercise program
* Your dog will have fun getting into shape and losing those extra pounds.
* Save money on vet bills - a healthy dog lives longer with less doctor visits. Swim sessions at the Ultimate Dog Pool are a great value.
* Deep enough for large dogs to swim
* Your dog will love you for taking him swimming
Speed recovery from injury or surgery
* Muscles relax in warm water making movement easier and more comfortable.
* You or Beth will join your dog in the pool to follow your vets instructions for stretching, range of motion and strengthening exercises.
* Decreased pain while moving - 70% of your dogs weight is removed in the water
* Willingness and confidence increase - success and less pain using injured body parts in the pool leads to increased confidence on land.
* Increased mental and emotional well being as your dog experiences success with exercises in the pool.
* A happy dog will sooner become a healthy dog.
* Stimulate your dogs mind to speed recovery and mental well being.
* Warm water feels great
Protect health of your athletic dog — agility, conformation, hunting, performance sports
* Maintain peak physical condition year round - especially off season
* Halt muscle atrophy
* Reduce risk of injury - your dog will do what you ask - whether he is physically conditioned for the sport or not.
* Swim with your dog - enhance peak physical condition for both of you.
Good for puppies, too
* Condition your puppy without worrying about stressing his still growing bones and joints.
* Have fun teaching your puppy to swim in a safe body of warm water.
FUN! Throw a Dog Pool Party
* Invite up to twenty canine guests
* Great for litter reunions
* Memorable birthday party event that everyone will enjoy and talk about for years.
Dog Safety
* For the safety of all dogs visiting Happy Tails Resort & Spa we require all dogs be update on vaccinations, including bordatella (kennel cough).

The Dog Pool, The Water, The Enclosure, The Rates...
The pool is open year round

The Pool: Measures 18 feet x 26 feet
* Plenty of room to exercise or swim as much as your dog needs or wants.
* Triple the fun - bring a few friends to swim at the same time.
* Deep enough for large dogs to really swim.

Deep enough for large dogs to really swim.

The Water:
* Heated to a comfortable temperature - enjoyable year round
* Warm water relaxes muscles improving range of motion and stretching
* Natural water treatment using an EPA registered pool disinfectant and algaecide (directly replaces chlorine and bromine treatment), Rain Forest Blue.
  · Healthy - it's non-toxic, non-irritating, non-allergenic, and odor free.
  · Free of chlorine and bromine.
  · Gentle on hair (yours and your dogs) and swimsuits.
  · Keeps your skin feeling soft (no chlorine to dry it)
  · Your eyes stay healthy (no red eyes)

Pool Enclosure
* Heated to keep you and your dog comfortable before, during and after swimming
* Complete with dog drying facility to dry your dog after swimming
* Dry seating area where you can relax while your dog is in the pool

Dogs love swimming in the pool.

Pool Inspiration
Beth was inspired and motivated to open a swimming pool for dogs after Rocky, her then 9 year old Dane, required back surgery in Dec. 2000. The vet suggested hydrotherapy. After six months Beth realized this was a great way for any dog to get into and stay in the best condition possible. Warm water relaxes the muscles, increasing his range of motion, strength, stretching, and more.

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Save money on your first swim session at the Ultimate Dog Pool.

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