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Happy puppiesSleeping Area
A dog will usually not eliminate in the area he sleeps in. When you confine your puppy to a small area (a crate can be a good option) you can usually make sure he will not eliminate until you take him out to a larger area. Carry him to the back yard if you have to, to make it safely.

"Holding It" & Watching for Signals
KEY TO SUCCESS: Allow the puppy to be loose in the house only when someone can watch him closely. If the puppy cannot be watched closely then put him outside or in his crate.   

* This will help to develop the puppies ability to "hold it'.
* It puts you in a position to let the puppy know that you're watching.
* Soon you will see the signs your puppy is giving that he needs to go out.
* Puppies that have access to a doggie door may learn to go outside to potty also but may not develop the ability to "hold it" or to communicate with you his needs.

Limit Feeding Times
It's best not to leave food down all day for your puppy. Put his meals out at regular intervals, two - three times per day. If you know when he's eaten it's easier to know when he'll need to go out.

Happy puppiesSame Door, Same Area, Same Word
Take the puppy out the same door each time to potty and to the same area and say the same word (potty, hurry up, get busy, chop chop, etc.) each time. Your puppy will soon understand what he is there to do. Make sure the praise you give him is equal to the job well done. He should quickly be "pottying on command".

Puppy is signalingPuppy is Signaling
If your puppy should start to give some potty behavior (sniffing, circling, moving away from group) quickly distract (not scare) the puppy. Say, "Do you want to go out" and pick up your puppy or have him quickly follow you outside. Praise "Good Outside" then use your "potty" word in the potty area.


The puppy should only be allowed loose in the house at certain times:
* for approx. 20 minutes at a time, with supervision
* only after you went outside with the puppy to potty
* and you know that he did go potty

After approx. 1 week you can gradually start giving the puppy longer periods of inside time, still supervised, of course.

If your puppy does have an accident in the house....It was your fault not the puppies. If you put in the time the first couple weeks and really supervise the puppy you'll be done with housebreaking much sooner than if you allow accidents. Remember you have to show your puppy how to succeed. Be consistent in your puppy training and he will learn quickly.

Don't punish the puppy. It will only make training more difficult as the puppy may try to hide the next time he needs to eliminate rather than to communicate with you.

More Information
Book: How To Housebreak Your Dog In 7 Days : written by Shirley Kalstone, will help you establish a regular routine and answer some common housebreaking questions.

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